I have always wanted to be a teacher! When I was in elementary school, I played "school" with my dolls. I made worksheets and created projects for my pretend class to do. I think that this desire to be a teacher was prompted by some really great teachers along the way. I hope that my class is one in which students feel comfortable, engaged, and free to express themselves. I want a child's experience in my class to be a fun learning environment. I want my excitement to rub off on my students. My biggest hope about teaching is that I can see the impact I have on the children. On Thursday at my cooperating teacher's open house, I saw so many of her previous students and parents who came back just to visit. I hope I am one of those teachers that students want to go back and see! My biggest fear about teaching is unhappy parents. I anticipate that there will always be a parent who complains about something but I am not a person who likes confrontation much.

I have an interest in teaching upper elementary. My placement is at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School in Mrs. Welman's 4th grade class!