Design Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments, Part 1: Relative advantages of technology exploration

It's not about how you USE the tools. It's about HOW you use the tools.
- Dr. Judi Harris


  • Check to see if you can view this video
  • Quick comment on mid-course surveys
  • eFolio links


  • With modules in mind, and prior exploration, individually brainstorm ways that technology may provide a relative advantage over non-digital tools/resources, create group model


  • Select groups of 4
  • Each member selects a different video case study to review; expand list of relative advantages
  • Jigsaw sharing of video cases; develop group list of potential relative advantages
  • Each group develops a conceptual model of relative advantage using Inspiration/Kidspiration/Mindmeister; post image of concept map here
  • Whole group sharing of models; synthesis discussion
  • Applying Relative Advantage
    • Video cases?
    • Inspiration?
  • Is it Worth It?

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