Bringing it all Together: Lesson Plan Sharing and Technology Integration in the Content Areas

Bring it on home
- Sonny Boy Williamson II

Lesson Plan Assignment:

  • Questions?

Small Group Discussion:

  • Of the technologies presented in the lesson plans and those explored in class, what are those technology tools and resources that you see as most valuable in your content area?
  • What other possible areas call for exploration?

So how do we choose the technology (or not)?
  • Does it "fit" with the learning goal?
  • Does it "fit" with the way I plan to teach the lesson?
  • Does it provide a relative advantage?
  • Does it augment the "big ideas" of the content area?

Studio Time:


  • Benefits and challenges of 1 to 1 laptops in the classroom (Sarah L., Lindsay R., Tori)
  • Benefits and drawbacks of online assessment (Jenny L., Erin, Nandi)
  • What technologies are most beneficial for improving parent/teacher communication (Patricia, Sarah W.)
  • Appropriateness of young students using calculators (Jennifer N., Megan)
  • Uses, benefits, and drawbacks of virtual fieldtrips (Cara, Christie, Anna, Addison)
  • ... Skype (Lindsay, Cailtin)