Inspiring Learning & Creativity: Technology-Enhanced Interactivity Exploration



  • In general, how would you characterize the effectiveness of instruction augmented with multimedia tools and resources?
  • When selecting interactive or non-interactive multimedia tools and resources, what might you consider?
  • What are some of the limitations of this type of instruction that might concern you?


The purpose

  • To explore technology-enhanced interactivity in teaching and learning, it makes sense to test out some of the options. It's only in this hands-on way that we can really begin to see the possibilities and challenges for particular tools, resources and applications in your teaching.
  • Make your way through at least three "stations " by the end of the class session. For each station, add your "two cents" on the value or benefit of the particular tool/resource/application and offer an example of how it might be employed in your teaching.
  • Fill in the organizer and be prepared to share your reactions with the class.

Discussion: Weighing the pros and cons of particular approaches/applications