My placement this year is with Mrs. Nickols' 5th grade class at Stonehouse Elementary School.

I have always enjoyed working with children, from serving as a camp counselor in the summers, to accompanying a local children's choir, to employment as a teacher assistant in an early childhood music school. Upon earning my Bachelor of Arts in history and music at William and Mary last May, I have found elementary education to be an excellent combination of my academic interests and growing passion for teaching. I plan on initially working in the public schools, ideally in the fourth grade so I can teach Virginia social studies, or perhaps in the sixth grade as a history teacher. Other aspirations include pursuing an endorsement to teach elementary music or working as a museum educator. My twin sister is a first year general music teacher at an elementary school in Fairfax County and I know we will have many stories to exchange in the coming months!

Regardless of what I teach, I hope my classroom will inspire students to develop and pursue multi-faceted, interdisciplinary interests in the world around them. I wish to create a community where all students feel welcomed and supported in their learning. My biggest fear is my general classroom management ability and helping students succeed amid the often conflicting demands of school administration, parents, and society.