Truth, I didn't always have a strong interest in teaching. However, I have always possessed a desire to help people and our society. After I finished undergrad, I volunteered with AmeriCorps. I had the opportunity to work with several environmental education groups teaching forestry and watershed stewardship. I was fortunate to work with elementary, middle and high school students. The whole experience just hit me over the head with the realization that I wanted to be a teacher. Teaching is my means of making a positive difference in the world, hopefully. Keeping my fingers crossed because, on the flip side, I am afraid that I will fail my students, that I will not spark a passion for learning, basically, that I won't be inspirational.

I intend to teach intermediate grade levels because just the idea of teaching primary is terrifying to me. So, I am truly hoping to teach either 5th or 6th grade science. I am also considering getting my science endorsement to teach science in middle school. Who knows? It's a tentative plan but I like to keep my options open. No matter what grade level I teach, I just want to create a positive, encouraging learning environment where students gain a strong desire to learn. I want to show children that learning is fun and opens up endless possibilities.

My placement is at Matthew Whaley Elementary School with Megan Swinehart's fifth grade class. The class is a diverse group of students including gifted and ESL. It should be a great learning environment for me and I am really looking forward to the upcoming year!