Brain Pop

Brain Pop is a database of videos for use in K-12 classrooms for virtually any topic you could be covering in class. The site is divided into the following main categories: Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. Each main section is further subdivided into smaller categories, such as Energy, World History, Grammar, or Data Analysis. The site also features special sections such as Hispanic Heritage Month for September and a spotlight on the election process for the presidential election this year. There is a search function to find videos that match with different state standards, as well as a blog of tips and resources to highlight specific videos. One downside to the site is that not every video is available to download for free. The site does have a subscription service and teachers need to be members in order to access all of the content on the site. However, there are still a large number of videos available to anyone.

The videos can be used to enrich learning, introduce a unit, or begin discussion. Some of the videos are constructed in an on-going story format and have common characters. There are lesson plans on the site to guide incorporation of video content into the classroom as well as technical instructions on how to use videos in the classroom and how to create videos. There are also lesson plans that do not involve Brain Pop videos.

Basically, there are enough resources on the Brain Pop site to help any teacher. Take a look and see how you can incorporate this tool.