My name is Cristin Kelsh and I am interested in teaching Elementary school children. Right now my teaching placement is in the 2nd Grade with Mrs. Slavin at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School. I have always been interested in working with children. Through mission trips, internships, and being a swim coach I have enjoyed working with children and watching them grow. I hope that my classroom will maintain a positive environment that is open for students to be creative and enjoy learning. I want children to have fun but realize the benefits of treating their education seriously. The classroom should be a place where a child feels safe and wants to learn more. I hope that children will be able to learn from me and have the ability to come to me with issues. I want to be a teacher where I see the results and how much of an impact I have on the students and how much they have on myself. My major fear is that I will not be as strong of a teacher as I hope to be. There are situations that will become difficult and my fear comes from not being able to handle those situations correctly. Children are easily influenced and I want to be the best role model I can be for them.