Our team believes that by using an interactive learning tool, the students will be engaged in their development of following directions. Our team has developed an interactive tool that will assess a child's ability to follow directions thoroughly. Students will be more engaged and excited about using technology. This tool will test the student's ability to read and follow directions. By participating in the game, the students are able to further develop their skills.

Below is a link to our interactive tool. This tool requires the student to carefully read the question in order to get the appropriate answer. The students will assessed on their ability to follow directions, not by answering the correct answer. This tool is in an interactive, quiz like format which encourages the students to use directions without being penalized for the correct answer.

Have the students choose the correct response by following the directions thoroughly and not answering the question.

For example:
Which of these are animals? Find the answer that begins with C.
a) Bat
b) Cat
c) Dog
d) Bird

The correct response will direct the students to the next page. The wrong response will lead them to another page which encourages them to re-read the directions.

Good Luck!

Interactive Tool