Names: Megan McFadden, Tara Brown, and Kelly Dennison

Problem: Lack of Parent Involvement.

1. Weekly newsletter: hard and electronic copy
2. Parent website: posting homework assignments, weekly or bi-weekly recap.
3. End of unit activities where parents are invited into the classroom to participate.
4. Luncheon or dinner monthly dinner with parents.
5. Emailing/Calling parents when students does something good.
6. Text message parents

Cooperating Teacher comments:

Megan's Cooperating Teacher comments: Speaking with my cooperating teacher was somewhat discouraging. He had a somewhat negative attitude about everything. I mainly spoke with him about the newsletter, website, and calling parents when students do something good. For all of the ideas he just kept talking about how you'll get some parents that respond and others never will. One positive thing he did say was that calling parents for positive things may make the parents more comfortable to come into the classroom but overall he said he is not sure what would work. Some teachers at DJ Montague have lunches and family fun nights with parents but according to Mr. Pedersen, the same parents never show up. Overall, I think the best thing to do is never give up and have a positive attitude with parents so they feel invited into the classroom.

Tara's CT's comments: My CT liked all of our ideas, but had some suggestions. For example, instead of inviting parents at the end of every unit, invite them once every marking period. Monthly luncheons or dinners could get expensive, so maybe doing those every other month or every marking period. She has her own weekly newletter and really likes that idea, as well as the emailing and/or calling parents with positive comments about the student.

Kelly's CT's comments: My CT liked our ideas and also had some suggestions. She views the parent website, weekly newletter, and calling/emailing parents when students do something good as the best ways to communicate with parents. She thinks edline is a useful tool for parent websites. She suggested that the weekly newsletter be a montly newsletter to tell parents what the class has been doing and that the monthly luncheons or dinners could get expensive but would be a good idea if done twice a year. Some other ways she suggested to get parents more involved in the class and school are inviting them to a family fun night, movie nights, school dances, the science fair, sending postcards at the beginning and end of the year, and making a scrapbook for each student that can be added to. She likes to show parents the scrapbook at parent conferences and to give it to them at the end of the year.

Design Project Model and Rationale
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