I have always loved working with children and that sparked an interest in teaching. I was a lead teacher in a three-year-old classroom for two years and had so much fun every day at work. That makes me want to stick to the younger children and teach kindergarten or first grade, but I am open to working with other levels.

My teacher placement is at Stonehouse Elementary in third grade with Ms. Mooney. She seems wonderful and I am very excited to get to work with her this year.
My interest in teaching started with an understanding of young children and being able to relate to them. I am interested in getting to know each student as a individual and establishing a positive relationship to help all of my students reach their potential. I hope to create a happy classroom that has a solid sense of community. All of my previous students trusted me and that was a vital part of a healthy classroom, I plan to bring that into my elementary classroom. I also want there to be excitement to learn particularly reading and writing skills. I hope to create a classroom where children not only learn a lot but also make friendships and support each other through the learning process.
I hope to be a teacher that these students remember because of all the fun and learning they had in my class. I want them to enjoy coming to school and look forward to new units and lessons. My biggest fear is having disruptive students that I cannot control. I want classroom management to lead to a quiet and controlled classroom but fear that I will not know how to deal with students who will not cooperate.