~ I intend on teaching early elementary school; hopefully kindergarten or first grade.
~ I have been placed in Mrs. Danks' second grade classroom in the Rawls Byrd Elementary School in Williamsburg.
~ Briefly, my main interest in teaching is driven by my love of children, especially very young ones. I enjoy seeing how excited they can be about learning, and I want to be able to help them reach their potential. In my classroom, I wish to create an environment within which children feel safe, happy, and a desire to learn, even if they do not realize they are learning. However, I also intend on creating a classroom in which the students understand that there are rules and boundaries and reasons for both. I think structure, creativity, and activity are important in a productive classroom.
~ My biggest hope is to make all the children I teach feel welcomed and happy to be in school. I hope to prepare them to enjoy learning and to take full advantage of their own educations. And I hope to truly touch the lives of some of my students along the way. However, I am afraid of getting into a classroom and finding that I do not know how to properly manage the children. That either I end up being too strict or being too easy, and then everything falling apart.