While eagerly counting the days until I become an elementary teacher, I am still uncertain about the exact level I hope to teach. I love teaching all ages, especially first grade through fifth grade, but I believe the best fit for me would be somewhere between grades two and four. Luckily fitting into this range, I have been placed in Norge Elementary with Gina Simons' third grade class.

As a child I had dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer, an environmentalist, a doctor, anything but a teacher (even though I frequently played this role, figuratively and literally, growing up)! Yet, I wound up here today, preparing to embark on a career in teaching, for many reasons, but none as significant as my love for watching children learn. There is something about the “I got it” look spread across a student’s face that will keep me coming back to work everyday. This place where the students and I come to work and learn on a daily basis will be a place
where all children feel welcome and feel enough ownership in the space to call it "our classroom" rather than "Ms. Goode's classroom." In our classroom, I hope to create a safe and open environment where learning is fun, engaging, and hopefully, unexpected.

My biggest hope as a future teacher is that my students will want to come to our classroom with excitement for what the day holds. I hope I am a memorable teacher in my students' minds for the right reasons and not a teacher that is easily forgotten or remembered specifically for her negative qualities or the negative experiences. On the other hand, my biggest fear about setting foot in a classroom on the other side of the desk is that I will become a number in the high attrition statistic for new teachers. I am trying to prepare myself now, before entering the schools as a first-year teacher, for the trials of teaching so that I will not become part of this unfortunate statistic.